How to properly deep condition your hair for less than $10

So I’ve been asked a few times how I actually deep condition my hair and how I manage to do it weekly without going broke. It’s simple. Spend $5 (roughly) at Trader Joe’s and get their Organic Coconut Oil. Try my at home trick weekly and at the end of the month let me know how this works for you. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, you won’t need to go to a salon to get your hair this good for this cheap!

All you need is a plastic utensil, I use a knife to scrape the coconut oil and you’ll need gloves
I brush my hair (unwashed)
get about a lacrosse size ball out
make sure to do this in the tub or over the sink because the coconut oil falls on the ground easily
only put it on the ends of your hair, otherwise you’ll have a nice oily scalp!
I put my hair up and leave it for 10 minutes

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and condition as usual. You won’t need to use any anti-frizz cream afterwards because the coconut oil will smooth your hair out. So feel free to style as usual.

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