On a recent trip home … to San Diego

Just having come back from a quick four-day trip down to San Diego, I find myself wanting to write about my travel so you can see how much fun can be had, in, yes four days.

For those who love to play, and by “play” I mean see/walk/laugh/enjoy, then here’s a few good places to make sure you stop at …

Gaslamp. Yeah this is a given for any newbies to San Diego and those who have been before, nightlife can be quite uninhibited here!

La Jolla. Not to be missed. If you love the beach then make La Jolla Shores or The Cove your stop. DO NOT GO TO MISSION BEACH. NO. NO.NO

Seaport Village. This is a tourist trap, yes, BUT, the walk around the water is awesome, plus you’ll get to see the private boats, the really nice hotels, and there are some really nice new restaurants that opened in the village.

Del Mar. One of my favorite places in North County for sightseeing (anything north of San Diego is known as North County). The drive during the summer when they have the hot air balloons is amazing. The balloons look like colors in the sky just floating, and the best time to watch this happen is around sunset!

See, the thing is, I love to shop. No matter where I go, and if I’ve been there before, I love to shop. I’m a girly girl, what can I say?! So if you’re the same way, let me give you some great places that aren’t to be missed.

In Gaslamp; DolcettiThey have the cutest little stuff you’ll want to check out. I saw Wildfox tees and Bando accessories. This is a great place to walk in and get some cute stuff for yourself. Horton Plaza; Charming Charlie. Loved this place to death! I’m a girl who loves pink, so the fact that they have a huge pink accessories section, just made my day that much better, and their prices are so affordable!

In La Jolla make sure you check out Girard Ave because the lineup of shops is pretty nice. Small selection of stores, but the ones not to be missed are LF, the souvenir shops,

I myself love malls, and the best mall in San Diego has to be Fashion Valley mall. The best mall, hands down. Big stores, little store, great food and awesome parking. Not to be missed!

Now food is another thing for me; I’ve got to have great food. I have to eat well, no matter where I am. Food makes me happy too! There are some great not to be missed places in San Diego, and here’s my list of places to make sure you don’t miss.

Persian …


5th Ave Grill


True Foods

Breakfast …

Broken Yolk Cafe downtown

Dessert …

Baked Bear in P.B.

Mexican …


Burger …

In n Out

Burger Lounge

Also one of the funnest things to do in San Diego is to take a pedicab ride. They’re affordable and you can haggle the price with the driver. Bring a lightweight jacket and get ready for some fun!

I find myself in love with San Diego and the hidden characteristics that I find every time I visit. This time I fell madly in love with how the ocean looked when I drove from La Jolla to North County via Torrey Pines Road. Everyone has to do that drive one time when visiting San Diego.

Anyway, until next time and my next trip ….


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