Why the long break?

I’ve been asked a lot recently.


Why aren’t you writing?


“Oh, um, well I don’t know have the same time I used to before, I take care of Layla and, um, yeah Layla. And myself. Well, not really myself but I try. Oh and my husband, yeah I take care of him too.”


Why the long break?

I’ve been busy. I don’t have the same time I had before and I haven’t been able to keep up with anyone else but Layla. I need my time now. It’s time to get back into the game folks!


We moved to a house.

I had a baby.

I became a mom. Toughest job ever – already!

And now I’m trying to get my life back!


Yeah so that’s what has been going on! I promise I am working on something awesome folks. Stay tuned. I have a lot brewing!





me and Layla, my little soccer star!
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