As a young child, I was always expressive either through my dramatic acting that I performed at home, or writing in my journals which I still have to this day.

Writing, talking and creating were my interests in school, I highly enjoyed english and history classes – something I excelled in, but never in math or science! Spelling tests, writing essays and reading were so fascinating to me.

In college I took the leap of faith and decided to be a writer. I took as many writing classes that was allowed to take in a semester, and that’s when one of my professors realized my passion and asked me to be on the newspaper staff. In 2001 I became a staff writer for The Mesa Press at San Diego Mesa College.

After writing for The Mesa Press, I decided to head north to Los Angeles where any career in the journalism world thrived. I enrolled at Santa Monica College, electing to switch to broadcasting. I learned so much from anything that had to do with radio and TV. I even interned at Adelphia Cable where I learned how to direct, produce, edit and run a TV show.

I was very lucky to have had Frank Dawson not only as a professor but also a mentor at SMU.

I then transferred to California State University, Northridge for my bachelors degree. At this point I learned writing techniques for newspaper, magazine, TV and radio. The classes I took made me yearn for me, I enjoyed all the classes and the teachers that taught me so much more than just classroom teaching. The classes consisted of  hands-on working and with peers in a group setting, which shaped my ability to work well with others.

During my last year at CSUN, I had my own business radio segment on KCSN. Every Monday I came into the radio station, picked up the Associated Press stories from the printer and started writing for my show. I loved it! Yes it was difficult to enunciate every word without sounding like I was a Rosetta Stone tutorial, but after a few tries I finally had my show in under 60 seconds and pronounced every word the way that I needed to correctly.

I was also learning to produce, direct, film and host news on the CSUN campus-wide TV station. I was privileged to work with three of the greatest professors in the broadcast department: James Hill, Rick Marks and Lincoln Harrison. Their constant push and critique made me work harder and learn more than I could elsewhere.

After graduating from CSUN in 2008 in the midst of the recession, I was unable to find any options in my field so I left the U.S. and headed to Shanghai, China where I started working with Walt Disney at their English language schools, as an teacher. I taught English to children from ages 2-10 in a fun environment. Living in another country for a year-and-a-half has taught me a great deal of strength. I learned to communicate with others, respect another culture and made amazing lifelong friendships.

Moving back stateside was another adjustment. Just when you get used to one thing, you have to change it up, and that is exactly how I felt. I worked in great companies, but I did not like working at a desk. I knew I wanted to write and going back to school to learn was an idea that had to be implemented. I enrolled at Bellevue College and tok all the writing classes they offered, and I basically, re-learned. Great opportunities came my way, I wrote for the campus newspaper, The Watchdog and I was also able to apply for and was hired for an internship at Premier Media Group.

Currently I am learning about the world of freelancing, and I’ve had many great adventures with Premier Media Group, Bellevue Reporter and Bellevue-dot-com.

Now is the time I get my foot outside and step into the world that I love; writing. I enjoy researching, meeting people and talking to them, and writing stories. Everyone has a story and the best thing I can do is hear it out.

My goals are simple: be published, be productive, be a great listener, reach for the stars, and at the same time, enjoy life. I don’t have a time to put on anything, so everyday I work hard for what I want to achieve in life and let setbacks be a learning point. Life as a whole is a learning experience.


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