Shaving without getting hurt!

So I recently came upon an article that said shaving with olive oil will reduce the amount of nicks you get and also keeps your skin super hydrated. So I decided to try this out for myself just to let you know how or if it worked. I also used coconut oil a second time.

drumroll …

It worked. No, seriously, it worked. No nicks, cuts, or any pain. I have the smoothest legs afterwards too! It’s completely insane, I know, cooking oil, right? But it works!

I used my Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil

I love using oil to shave and now I’ll be doing it more lately because it made my skin feel so soft and awesome. Cant promise it’ll slow the growth but it did make my legs and armpits smooth for days!

Happy shaving!


++ I Love Makeup++

So I recently used a sample I got in one of my Sephora packages and was frightened because the foundation was so dark. I couldn’t get it off and we were going to meet the hubs dad for dinner. I had 15-minutes to finish –  there was no way this coming off my face. So I decided to blend it in and my face looked tan but not dark.

On the drive home after dinner I realized that I could tone the color down and mix it well to have the glow I’ve always wanted.

I used Guerlain BB cream in BB3 Natural found at major department stores and Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation a& Concealer in 24 Golden found at Sephora
before – nothing on my face
I dotted the Clinique
used a sponge to blend in the Guerlain color

Now to use Kevyn Aucoin eye concealer in SX09
Bought this at Barney’s NY in Los Angeles at The Grove
just a dab under each eye

dab it in
eye shadow …
my skin looked so awesome and the color did NOT transfer onto my sunglasses or shirt!
even with the sun shining on my face I still had a glow

Day in the Life Of Karin Kidder

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.50.32 PM
Karin Kidder of Bellevue Arts Museum

“Though fascinating and challenging when our daughter turned one I knew that I was ready for the next challenge, leading me back to where I started, the arts, as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Bellevue Arts Museum.”

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