Day in the Life Of Karin Kidder

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Karin Kidder of Bellevue Arts Museum

“Though fascinating and challenging when our daughter turned one I knew that I was ready for the next challenge, leading me back to where I started, the arts, as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Bellevue Arts Museum.”

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Bellevue Beat | Yekta gets pampered at Aryana Salon

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Aryana Salon, located in the lobby of Metro Park Condos is a newly opened hair salon in Bellevue.

So I decided to take advantage of the Mother’s Day special at Aryana Salon, that was listed on Bellevue-dot-com’s website. Although it may be a challenge to find the salon, the incentive is lots of parking! The salon itself is located on the first floor, aka the lobby. You can’t miss it.

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A Day in the Life of Cheryl Engstrom

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Cheryl Engstrom

Cheryl Engstrom is the President and Founder of Engstrom Public Relations; a virtual Public Relations firm that is now 15-years old. Engstrom started her company when her kids where young and had a nanny at home, making it the perfect balance of hard work and being available when her two children, son Dan and daughter Jenny, were 18 months apart, needed their mother.

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