My fall to winter favorites and essentials …

Some of my favorite fall products that I use throughout winter happened by chance … I didnt mean to pick them, but they sorta of chose me! I experimented on tons of products before I found “the ones” that worked for me. I’ve become attached to using these products and when I go to stock up and the store doesn’t sell an item anymore, I go on a hunt! These are my treasures below:

Shower …

Really there isn’t much to taking a shower – unless of course you use an amazing exfoliater and some fresh picked yummy smelling fruit of all kinds. My favorite shower time ‘heaven-in-a-bottle’ product is Scrub of your Life, sold at Sephora for $20.

This smells SO awesome, especially after a long day at the gym!

Once a week I use Frank’s Original Coffee Scrub to get rid of dead skin and to increase circulation on my body. This package that costs only $15 can last a long time, depending on how much you like to exfoliate. If I use this scrub I won’t use Scrub of My Life instead I use regular soap to wash it off.

I literally wake up with the fresh smell of coffee in the shower!

When it comes to shampoos, I learned that you don’t need to spend billions of dollars finding the most expensive one that is supposed to be the next best thing to gold. Trust me, I was that person who once spent $65 on shampoo (not including the conditioner). What I use now is so much more cost-effective AND it does the job I need it to do.

My shampoo and conditioner is Loreal Eversleek (I use the intense smoothing ones because of my frizzy hair) and they are sold at your local drug store and are super affordable, in fact I think that they each only cost $6.50. What a steal!

Feels great on and smoothes hair perfectly

That’s not all I use on my hair, I have to use oil to keep my hair frizz free and “calm” so I went o Aveda and found a great product that works wonders. The Dry Remedy Oil is perfect for my hair, I’ve used expensive products to tame my hair and nothing has come close to this product for me, and I love its smell. Just a couple of dabs on the ends after the shower on my wet locks and I brush it throw and slick it back and wallllaaaa … frizz gone and tamed hair, Oh MY! This is probably the only hair product I spend money on, at $27 this bottle lasts me a month.


Face …

Recently I’ve had issues with my face, mostly acne and I’ve used a million products out there and one product has helped clear my skin (when I remember to use it). Twice a week I use Skoah Hydradew Mask ($45) and I feel the difference right away – it literally feeds your skin by replenishing it and it smells fantastic. I spend tons of money on Skoah products because they are really natural and don’t dry your skin out AND unlike products from organic stores you won’t have to try a bunch of products to find the right one because their skin consultants are right on it here, they know what your skin needs. I leave it on for the full 20 minutes twice a week and do stuff around the house then wash it off, brush my teeth and off to bed.

perfect for fall and winter

There are definitely days where I need extra help in between using Retin A, and on days like that Yisel (my Skoah facialist) recommend a really awesome spot reducer that works wonders. The Klearity Mask ($45), I use a q-tip and spot treat the areas on days that I don’t use my Retin A and in the mooring after I wash my face, the spot is reduced almost 90 percent.


It’s  really light, and a little bit goes a long way, so don’t overuse!

You know that horrible and icky feeling you get after shaving your legs and even the niks that hurt? Well Skoah has an awesome shaving cream, that’s actually for men but works perfect on my legs, bikini and underarms. Skoah’s Shave Kream is the best $30 I have spent on shaving cream, and you and your hubby can use it  – seriously way better than drugstore shaving creams. You will feel like your skin is hydrated after use.

This is another Skoah product that goes on light and feels amazing afterwards.

First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser is the perfect face cleanser, it does a great job of soaping up your face and cleaning it. I use a really small amount every night and then use my skin brush to wash to get it all clean and wipe it off. Another great investment, found at Sephora for only $20, it’ll last you a good two months. Don’t use too much because it can get really soapy and hard to take off!

Not as light on the face but it does the job you need it to

Philosophy makes two really great moisturizers. Now in the Pacific Northwest I have heard that you don’t need to use an SPF during the fall and winter because there’s no sun and if you’re mostly indoors then you really don’t need an SPF. However I use SPF on my face because I use Retin A and I don’t want to damage my skin. I used to use Philosophy Hope in a Jar ($15) and Neutrogena’s SPF 50 (I’m a worry-wort!) but then I recently saw that they carry Hope in a Jar with Oil-Free Moisterizer SPF 30 and that is all I use in the mornings. It is costly, $42 can be much for people who don’t want to spend a lot and prefer to use a moisturizer and an SPF but I was getting annoyed that the Neurtrogena SPF smelled like SPF and I hate that smell so I found something that works for me.

perfect mix of moisturizer & spf

So here’s my list, let me know what you use and how you use your products and your thoughts!


On a recent trip home … to San Diego

Just having come back from a quick four-day trip down to San Diego, I find myself wanting to write about my travel so you can see how much fun can be had, in, yes four days.

For those who love to play, and by “play” I mean see/walk/laugh/enjoy, then here’s a few good places to make sure you stop at …

Gaslamp. Yeah this is a given for any newbies to San Diego and those who have been before, nightlife can be quite uninhibited here!

La Jolla. Not to be missed. If you love the beach then make La Jolla Shores or The Cove your stop. DO NOT GO TO MISSION BEACH. NO. NO.NO

Seaport Village. This is a tourist trap, yes, BUT, the walk around the water is awesome, plus you’ll get to see the private boats, the really nice hotels, and there are some really nice new restaurants that opened in the village.

Del Mar. One of my favorite places in North County for sightseeing (anything north of San Diego is known as North County). The drive during the summer when they have the hot air balloons is amazing. The balloons look like colors in the sky just floating, and the best time to watch this happen is around sunset!

See, the thing is, I love to shop. No matter where I go, and if I’ve been there before, I love to shop. I’m a girly girl, what can I say?! So if you’re the same way, let me give you some great places that aren’t to be missed.

In Gaslamp; DolcettiThey have the cutest little stuff you’ll want to check out. I saw Wildfox tees and Bando accessories. This is a great place to walk in and get some cute stuff for yourself. Horton Plaza; Charming Charlie. Loved this place to death! I’m a girl who loves pink, so the fact that they have a huge pink accessories section, just made my day that much better, and their prices are so affordable!

In La Jolla make sure you check out Girard Ave because the lineup of shops is pretty nice. Small selection of stores, but the ones not to be missed are LF, the souvenir shops,

I myself love malls, and the best mall in San Diego has to be Fashion Valley mall. The best mall, hands down. Big stores, little store, great food and awesome parking. Not to be missed!

Now food is another thing for me; I’ve got to have great food. I have to eat well, no matter where I am. Food makes me happy too! There are some great not to be missed places in San Diego, and here’s my list of places to make sure you don’t miss.

Persian …


5th Ave Grill


True Foods

Breakfast …

Broken Yolk Cafe downtown

Dessert …

Baked Bear in P.B.

Mexican …


Burger …

In n Out

Burger Lounge

Also one of the funnest things to do in San Diego is to take a pedicab ride. They’re affordable and you can haggle the price with the driver. Bring a lightweight jacket and get ready for some fun!

I find myself in love with San Diego and the hidden characteristics that I find every time I visit. This time I fell madly in love with how the ocean looked when I drove from La Jolla to North County via Torrey Pines Road. Everyone has to do that drive one time when visiting San Diego.

Anyway, until next time and my next trip ….



Mexico is always a good idea!

If you’re planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta, you’re in for a real treat because not only is the city amazing, but the weather is always awesome – and the people are wonderful.

We stayed at the magnificent Riu Palace Pacifico, this all-inclusive resort is voted number one and there’s a reason for that and you’ll see if you stay there just how awesome everything is made for their guests.

the garden of the hotel was so pretty

Places you MUST go –>

1. Spend a couple of hours (about 3 hours) in downtown. You will find tons of souvenirs here along with really great pieces for your home while walking through Rio Canal and Zona Romantica. Make sure you walk over the sketchy bridge over the Rio Canal, it’s a fun experience and you have to do it once then you can walk around to get back! Just do it!!!

downtown shopping area near Rio Canal

This is the place you’ll want your negotiation skills up to par because there will be back-and-forth negotiations I call banter, and the really fun “last offer or I’m walking out the door” shenanigans!

I bought my Halloween costume while walking around and since we’ve been to Puerto Vallarta a few times, this is all I wanted to get.

Similar to the dress I bought, it is basically referred to as a traditional dress from Oaxaca

There’s tons of food options in downtown and on the waterfront, we had so much Mexican food on our trip that we ended up at the Bubba Gump instead of eating at the local places.

2. Take a Vallarta Adventure to (in this EXACT ORDER): Off-roading, Sea Safari and end with the San Sebastian tour. But make sure you’re only going on Vallarta Adventures – they are informative, super friendly and tell you everything you need to know and more AND they feed you the best authentic Mexican food!

wearing our helmets to get on the shores for the Sea Safari trip that included riding up to a waterfall
San Sebastian!
getting ready to climb onto the off-roading truck!

3. If you go on the San Sebastian tour make sure you take snacks with you because you’ll have to wait a while before eating and there’s not any chance of grabbing a snack while on the tour.


1. Go to the beach! Do it, the water was refreshing; not cold or hot, just perfect. Swim in the water but the water is super salty so try to keep your eyes and mouth shut or else you’ll end up swallowing and spitting out the saltiest water ever!

2. Say hello to everyone, the Mexican locals are so very friendly and welcoming and they love it when you greet them, they greet you right back! We went during Christmas so on Christmas Day I said hello merry xmas to everyone and you know what happened? Everyone smiled and greeted me back, it;s just cordial so do it!

3. Tipping is a very nice gesture and everyone in the world (maybe except Europe) works for good tips, so be nice and leave something thoughtful for good service.

4. Eat a lot of Mexican food because you won’t get the good stuff back in the states!

What to bring on your trip (a must!) –>

1. bug spray if you go on tours because we had “chicken pox legs” after one of our tours from being bitten so much!

2. a hat

3. walking shoes AND flip flops

4. a few bathing suits because if you’re like me and wash yours at the end of the day and hang it to dry you’ll need to leave it a tad longer for it to dry so have a back up pair – or don’t, its up to you.

5. If you burn quick bring sunscreen and aloe vera for the skin burns

6. bring in a ziplock bag a quarter size of soap because the rest stops and some f the bathrooms have funky soap or no soap on some tours in the small villages

7. I also brought napkins and tissue paper from the hotel daily because there won’t be any in some villages.

8. a light jacket

9. shorts

10. sunglasses, a few hair ties (I lost all of mine somehow), and conditioner because your hair just like mine will get knotty from the ocean/pool.

11. underwater camera – you’ll want to get pictures of yourself getting hit by waves in the ocean or jumping into the pool

check out my Flickr photo album and see how much fun we had!


Keeping It Smoooooooth

All my years of having frizzy hair and not being able to stop the annoying frizz issue has finally ended. I found the product that ended all of that for me, or rather 2 separate products.

I started using Aveda’s Dry Remedy oil after showering (I have thick hair so I dab it on the front and back of my hair and brush it through with my Miracle brush) along with the Miracle Brush by Milani Hair and I’ve seen such amazing results after blow drying. My hair is actually soft, there’s NO frizz and I actually look good! I don’t exactly know what’s in the brush that works, but my guess is pixy dust!

I’m amazed at how these 2 products combined worked so perfectly in my hair. In fact, I’ve never liked blowdrying my hair until now!

After a long day of wind and going all around town running errands, STILL LOOKING GREAT 🙂

How to properly deep condition your hair for less than $10

So I’ve been asked a few times how I actually deep condition my hair and how I manage to do it weekly without going broke. It’s simple. Spend $5 (roughly) at Trader Joe’s and get their Organic Coconut Oil. Try my at home trick weekly and at the end of the month let me know how this works for you. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, you won’t need to go to a salon to get your hair this good for this cheap!

All you need is a plastic utensil, I use a knife to scrape the coconut oil and you’ll need gloves
I brush my hair (unwashed)
get about a lacrosse size ball out
make sure to do this in the tub or over the sink because the coconut oil falls on the ground easily
only put it on the ends of your hair, otherwise you’ll have a nice oily scalp!
I put my hair up and leave it for 10 minutes

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and condition as usual. You won’t need to use any anti-frizz cream afterwards because the coconut oil will smooth your hair out. So feel free to style as usual.