My fall to winter favorites and essentials …

Some of my favorite fall products that I use throughout winter happened by chance … I didnt mean to pick them, but they sorta of chose me! I experimented on tons of products before I found “the ones” that worked for me. I’ve become attached to using these products and when I go to stock up and the store doesn’t sell an item anymore, I go on a hunt! These are my treasures below:

Shower …

Really there isn’t much to taking a shower – unless of course you use an amazing exfoliater and some fresh picked yummy smelling fruit of all kinds. My favorite shower time ‘heaven-in-a-bottle’ product is Scrub of your Life, sold at Sephora for $20.

This smells SO awesome, especially after a long day at the gym!

Once a week I use Frank’s Original Coffee Scrub to get rid of dead skin and to increase circulation on my body. This package that costs only $15 can last a long time, depending on how much you like to exfoliate. If I use this scrub I won’t use Scrub of My Life instead I use regular soap to wash it off.

I literally wake up with the fresh smell of coffee in the shower!

When it comes to shampoos, I learned that you don’t need to spend billions of dollars finding the most expensive one that is supposed to be the next best thing to gold. Trust me, I was that person who once spent $65 on shampoo (not including the conditioner). What I use now is so much more cost-effective AND it does the job I need it to do.

My shampoo and conditioner is Loreal Eversleek (I use the intense smoothing ones because of my frizzy hair) and they are sold at your local drug store and are super affordable, in fact I think that they each only cost $6.50. What a steal!

Feels great on and smoothes hair perfectly

That’s not all I use on my hair, I have to use oil to keep my hair frizz free and “calm” so I went o Aveda and found a great product that works wonders. The Dry Remedy Oil is perfect for my hair, I’ve used expensive products to tame my hair and nothing has come close to this product for me, and I love its smell. Just a couple of dabs on the ends after the shower on my wet locks and I brush it throw and slick it back and wallllaaaa … frizz gone and tamed hair, Oh MY! This is probably the only hair product I spend money on, at $27 this bottle lasts me a month.


Face …

Recently I’ve had issues with my face, mostly acne and I’ve used a million products out there and one product has helped clear my skin (when I remember to use it). Twice a week I use Skoah Hydradew Mask ($45) and I feel the difference right away – it literally feeds your skin by replenishing it and it smells fantastic. I spend tons of money on Skoah products because they are really natural and don’t dry your skin out AND unlike products from organic stores you won’t have to try a bunch of products to find the right one because their skin consultants are right on it here, they know what your skin needs. I leave it on for the full 20 minutes twice a week and do stuff around the house then wash it off, brush my teeth and off to bed.

perfect for fall and winter

There are definitely days where I need extra help in between using Retin A, and on days like that Yisel (my Skoah facialist) recommend a really awesome spot reducer that works wonders. The Klearity Mask ($45), I use a q-tip and spot treat the areas on days that I don’t use my Retin A and in the mooring after I wash my face, the spot is reduced almost 90 percent.


It’s  really light, and a little bit goes a long way, so don’t overuse!

You know that horrible and icky feeling you get after shaving your legs and even the niks that hurt? Well Skoah has an awesome shaving cream, that’s actually for men but works perfect on my legs, bikini and underarms. Skoah’s Shave Kream is the best $30 I have spent on shaving cream, and you and your hubby can use it  – seriously way better than drugstore shaving creams. You will feel like your skin is hydrated after use.

This is another Skoah product that goes on light and feels amazing afterwards.

First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser is the perfect face cleanser, it does a great job of soaping up your face and cleaning it. I use a really small amount every night and then use my skin brush to wash to get it all clean and wipe it off. Another great investment, found at Sephora for only $20, it’ll last you a good two months. Don’t use too much because it can get really soapy and hard to take off!

Not as light on the face but it does the job you need it to

Philosophy makes two really great moisturizers. Now in the Pacific Northwest I have heard that you don’t need to use an SPF during the fall and winter because there’s no sun and if you’re mostly indoors then you really don’t need an SPF. However I use SPF on my face because I use Retin A and I don’t want to damage my skin. I used to use Philosophy Hope in a Jar ($15) and Neutrogena’s SPF 50 (I’m a worry-wort!) but then I recently saw that they carry Hope in a Jar with Oil-Free Moisterizer SPF 30 and that is all I use in the mornings. It is costly, $42 can be much for people who don’t want to spend a lot and prefer to use a moisturizer and an SPF but I was getting annoyed that the Neurtrogena SPF smelled like SPF and I hate that smell so I found something that works for me.

perfect mix of moisturizer & spf

So here’s my list, let me know what you use and how you use your products and your thoughts!


Eating Well: How to Make Zucchini Linguine

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.44.23 PM

You can view the entire article by clicking here

Autumn is the perfect time to add a new recipe to your collection. For the party organizers among us, soon enough the holidays will bring visitors into our homes.

This year, why not show off your culinary prowess? You can treat your out-of-town guests to a Northwest meal from Bellevue’s John Howie Restaurants, fixed in your very own kitchen.

Chef John Howie has a mouthwatering recipe for Zucchini Linguine, a variation on the pasta dish that takes advantage of the harvest season.

Zucchini has a mild flavor and a smooth texture. Harvested in June through October it is one of those wonderful fall vegetables that makes a great dish for the family.

Howie’s recipe replaces traditional pasta with the squash itself, sliced into long and thin noodles.

By clicking on the photo above you will be redirected to The Scene Magazine for the full recipe or by clicking here.