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The Parthenon

While Athens itself may not be what you thought it was supposed to be, (i.e. it is pretty dirty) then heading to the local or even further islands may be what you need.

The city of Athens itself can be described as ancient meets modern. On a hill above you is a monument like the Parthenon and below it a modern hotel and restaurants. There’s a lot of contrast and that makes it pretty cool to see it all. There is graffiti everywhere. This is the teens rebelling, say the locals. I saw a lot of people taking photos of the graffiti because some of them are really artistic and just plain awesome.


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A Day in the Life of Amy Walen

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Amy Walen

Amy is the Mayor of Kirkland and the co-owner of Ford Hyundai of Kirkland and also sits on the board of Attain Housing, Puget Sound Regional Transportation Policy Board, King County Regional Policy Committee, Evergreen Health Foundation Board of Trustees, and is the Chief Financial Officer for the dealership.

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