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Day in the Life Of Karin Kidder

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Karin Kidder of Bellevue Arts Museum

“Though fascinating and challenging when our daughter turned one I knew that I was ready for the next challenge, leading me back to where I started, the arts, as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Bellevue Arts Museum.”

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A Day in the Life of Amy Walen

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Amy Walen

Amy is the Mayor of Kirkland and the co-owner of Ford Hyundai of Kirkland and also sits on the board of Attain Housing, Puget Sound Regional Transportation Policy Board, King County Regional Policy Committee, Evergreen Health Foundation Board of Trustees, and is the Chief Financial Officer for the dealership.

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Day in the Life Of Jeff Dance

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Jeff Dance

One day I imagined what a business dream team would look like; a team of smart business analysts, super technical geeks, and passionate creative designers. We could conquer the world with this talent intertwined, or at least some serious company problems!”

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Day in the Life of Ally Svenson

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Ally Svenson


Ally’s days are dominated by the five men in her life: her four sons and her childhood-sweetheart-turned-husband, Scott, with whom she founded Bellevue-based MOD Pizza in 2008. Their company is rapidly growing. There are MOD Pizza locations up and down the West Coast and expansion into other states is in the works. The company employees roughly 400 workers, and has a board of advisers than includes key executives from Starbucks, T-Mobile and Dunkin’ Donuts. MOD Pizza isn’t your typical corner pizza parlor.

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