A Day in the Life of Gretchen Bell

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Gretchen Bell


“I have been working in advertising production for over 20 years. As a stylist, I work for clients like Levi’s, Kraft, Amazon, Chevrolet, Fortune Magazine and Microsoft, styling props and wardrobe for photo and video shoots.  I also do personal shopping, which I love. It is really amazing being able to help people look great and feel confident. I wear a lot of hats; luckily I am great at multitasking and extremely organized!”

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Enter the small shop and smell the sweet scent of cement and rubber contorted. Shoes sit in cue ready to be repaired, each pair has its own personality. Sexy Louboutin heels (likely sipping a cosmo) are side-by-side with a hot pair of Ferragamo booties that probably spent many previous days at the office. A pair of riding boots just entered the mix – they may have neighed.

This story is on Totem Lake Shoe Repair, the best shoe repair shops in the east side.