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The Parthenon

While Athens itself may not be what you thought it was supposed to be, (i.e. it is pretty dirty) then heading to the local or even further islands may be what you need.

The city of Athens itself can be described as ancient meets modern. On a hill above you is a monument like the Parthenon and below it a modern hotel and restaurants. There’s a lot of contrast and that makes it pretty cool to see it all. There is graffiti everywhere. This is the teens rebelling, say the locals. I saw a lot of people taking photos of the graffiti because some of them are really artistic and just plain awesome.


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Downtown Dubai

Dubai is a magically city inside of a desert. This can be easily seen when you go to the top of the Burj Khalifa! The view is astonishing. You will see the desert surrounds the city. Pure magic. A thousand times better than what you’d see in Vegas. Dubai is a fun trip to take with friends in a small group, you’ll have the best memories together.

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Its funny, I’ve had this idea for quite some time now about traveling alone. Can it be done? Where would I go and what would I do? What would people think?

First of all, I have to answer a few questions. Why do I want to travel on my own? My answer is pretty simple, having some free time exploring a new or past-visited place. Maybe I want to spend some time getting to know a city at my own pace, or to find a place where I am inspired to write. There are so many countless reasons, one thing is certain; I need “that time” alone.

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The Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the prettiest Mediterranean countries to visit, where your dollar gets you more. The currency is Lira, which is lower than the dollar. You’ll definitely get more bang for your buck!

There’s a lot of wonderful architecture and if love to take photographs and/or love history then the mosques are where you’ll want to take pictures of as well as the waterfront.

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If I Could, I Would, So I Did!

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My work space!

Motivation is such a kick in the ass. I sometimes wish that motivation and I were best friends. But then I think if that were the case, we’d have so many falling outs because I would be an “unfit” friend. Sigh.

So to answer the obvious question of how do we motivate ourselves comes my theory of the simplicity: Organize it! The more organized you are the better your life will run. The more organized you are, the more shit you get done to help you get to the other important shit in your life.

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